The ER and back.

So just as I began to pick up the pace around here, I started to get ill. Two days of zero sleep from pain, a small break and a second round far more fierce on the second go. This monster was not going to go away, the dreaded trip to the ER. The upside to the ER is that they have all of the needed antidotes and tools to numb death. After some tests a doctor broke out the ultrasound. Aimed it at my gull bladder and gull stones were so large it looked like I was giving birth. Long story short, I was admitted, kept on antibiotics to get me healthy enough to operate and they removed my defective organ. The doctor was cool, he took some pictures for me with his camera phone and gave me the stones. So if you get broken, go visit St. Marks. Fast ER service to fix your broken arse. There is one thing that does bother me about hospitals, the date rape drug – also known as anesthesia. Why do I have to take my underwear off prior to a surgery on my chest? The dose you, and then all goes black, the next time you see a clock four hours have vanished. What happens with that time, while I am naked? Are they depraved? Do they make my penis sing songs and post it to some amateur voyeur porn site? I shall stop thinking about it before I find myself unable to sleep. Killing off the early hours at my desk in corporate America, sipping on a Bloody Mary and nursing a clove. Although the last time I was smoking and drinking in my office it was followed with a trip to HR. I guess there are fines imposed if they allow me to smoke, and along with the drinking it just made people very uncomfortable to work with me. They seemed to cower. Oh well, you win some – you lose some. P.S. Saint George is the city of the devil. It’s a rotten hot temperature there, the ground is a deathly burnt red sandy earth that stains your crisp white socks. It is populated by elderly people that resemble a cross bread human/lizard concoction and the city wreaks of secrets kept hidden so that they can continue to milk these lizard peoples nest egg. It’s a safe place ye old reptilians. Again I shall stop so that I may sleep.       Site News: There are some videos for you to watch in our Random category, they are not really work safe. Also for those of you that haven’t noticed, as we have been rebuilding the site from the ground up we have made sure that all of the media plays on all devices/platforms, especially iPhone/iPads, Android, Windows mobile, etc.  Bottom line, so many people surf and kill time on their mobile device, it’s only natural to lend a helping hand. Got the runs at work? On a smoke break? Watch a video, listen to some prank calls… Also under the nerd menu, if you are feeling nostalgic you can look back at how Hektik looked almost 16 years ago.



Looks gnarly... hang in there man.

Hope that you are doing better now, mate.